Best Buddies Challenge Hyannis Port 2012 Scrapbook

Though the weather was gray, the Best Buddies colors couldn't have been brighter!
Beautiful and vibrant, like Best Buddies, artwork donated by Romero Britto
A band of buddies, for sure!
A Band of Buddies for sure!
Harvard Stadium - What an honor to be here!
Sure feels great to be wearing VIP passes!

Kandoo Band with Michael Chiklis, who sang the National Anthem, and Lauren Potter, of Glee fame!
Rocking out the pre-game warm-up!
Guy Fieri - a totally righteous dude with great buddy spirit!
At the start of the 100 mile bike race (with Carl Lewis and Verne Troyer and Lauren Potter) raising voices in harmony for the National Anthem.
By the dawn's early light - We did it! 


Hey there Best Buddies, this one's for you! 
Plain White T's and Kandoo Band!